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Custom Blending Bath Oils

Custom Blending Bath Oils

Blending bath oils at home for personal use can be delightful and rewarding. Begin by selecting carrier oils designated to fit the skin type in question; drying, semi-drying, or non-drying. Keeping a recipe book or journal is an ideal way to keep track of what bath oil combinations work and why.

After selecting the carrier oil or oils for the bath oil product, select what essential oils would be appropriate for the desired bath time experience. This involves considering both the scent aspects and the health aspects. Keep in mind any possible physical conditions which may interact with essential oils.

Just like any other scented products, bath oils can be constructed in a with a three-layer structure; the top note, the middle note and the bottom note. The top note is the scent readily noticed, the middle note scent is similar enough to bolster the top note without making it overpowering, and the bottom note is often a contrasting scent, which both cuts the strength of the overall scent, as well as highlighting the complex dynamics between the top and middle notes.

The following process is a simple take on blending bath oils at home:

  1. Pour 4 oz. of desired carrier oil in a small glass jar. The jar should have a tightly sealing lid.
  2. With an eye dropper, add 3-5 drops of the top note essential oil.
  3. With an eye dropper, add 1-3 drops each of the bottom and middle note essential oils.
  4. Carefully label the glass jar, lid and store.